Steinway & Sons Model M

เปียโน Steinway & Sons Model M มือสอง

Steinway & Sons Model M The Model M offers beautiful, concert sound in a convenient size. The most popular and well-rounded Steinway, the Model M is fashioned as the “Studio Grand” for your home. Measuring 5’7” in length, the Model M is ideal for smaller, more intimate spaces.

By designing a piano at this scale, Steinway & Sons envisioned the Model M for the home and specific institutional and professional uses where space is limited. Yet, the Steinway quality of sound and performance is not sacrificed. The Model M is known for its range of tone, quick responsive action and power in a compact size.

Length: 5’ 7” (170cm)
Width: 57 ¾ (147 cm)
Weight: 560 pounds (275 kg)